ES6 in Dojo Toolkit 1.12 with Google Closure

9 stycznia 2017

ES6 in Dojo Toolkit 1.12 with Google Closure

The latest release of Dojo 1.12 from December 2016 is updated to use Closure Compiler 20160911 which supports transpiling ES6 to ES5. I have in one project older ES5 modules and new ones in ES6. In ES6 modules you must add „use strict” at the beginning, otherwise building fails. app/es6/Dialog.js Then in your app.profile.js add optimizeOptions […]

25 kwietnia 2012

jQuery fullscreen gallery using Google Plus Photos JSON feed

Two years ago I wrote a post on how to embed jQuery Picbox gallery using Picasa JSON feed. Over the time some things changed and I will show how to make full screen gallery using jQuery Supersized Plugin and Google Plus Photos JSON feed. CHECKOUT DEMO »» First you have to download JSON stream of […]

18 listopada 2009

Simple HTTP Streaming design pattern

If you want to stream server data in the response of a long-lived HTTP connection you can use HTTP Streaming design pattern. Check out simple DEMO »